Why we started The Philox?

The Philox is a digital news platform based in Delhi, India. Our main goal is to bring you the news that often gets overlooked by mainstream media. We believe that everyone deserves to know about the diverse stories and perspectives that are often ignored or sidelined.

In today's world, mainstream media is often controlled by a few big corporations. This means that many important stories and voices are left out or misrepresented. At The Philox, we strive to fill this gap by highlighting stories that may not have made it to the headlines elsewhere.

We believe in the power of diversity. There are so many different communities, cultures, and issues that deserve attention, but often they are overshadowed by more mainstream topics. We want to change that by giving these voices a platform to be heard.

Whether it's stories about marginalized communities, grassroots movements, or underreported events, we are committed to bringing you news that matters. With The Philox, you can trust that you're getting a more comprehensive and inclusive view of the world around us.

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