Law and Order Crisis in Dausa, Rajasthan 2024

The dire situation in Dausa has prompted many residents to reach out to us at The Philox. We have received numerous messages detailing their plight and the challenges they face daily.


Aryan Sharma

5/31/20243 min read

dausa law and order
dausa law and order

Law and Order Crisis in Dausa, Rajasthan: A Community in Distress

31st May, 2024

Dausa, a city in Rajasthan, is facing an escalating law and order crisis that is forcing residents to flee to nearby cities like Jaipur for safety and better living conditions. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that police are reportedly helpless, and criminal activities have become rampant, creating an environment of fear and uncertainty.

Rising Crime and Police Ineffectiveness

The streets of Dausa are dominated by goons, and clashes between communities have become a daily occurrence. Theft is so common that police officers often refuse to lodge complaints, citing it as a routine issue. This rampant crime has instilled a deep fear among the citizens, discouraging them from buying new vehicles or investing in property due to the high risk of theft.

Accusations against the police have further exacerbated the problem. Many residents allege that law enforcement officials are taking bribes from influential individuals, allowing criminals to operate with impunity. This corruption has led to a complete breakdown of law and order, making it easy for criminals to commit crimes and escape punishment by bribing police officers.

Economic Impact and Unemployment

The deteriorating law and order situation has severely affected the local economy. No businesses or factories want to invest in Dausa, leading to high unemployment rates. This lack of economic opportunities has, in turn, contributed to the rising crime rate, creating a vicious cycle that the city seems unable to break.

Daily Life Disrupted

Life in Dausa has become extremely challenging for its residents. After 9 PM, the streets become deserted as people are too afraid to step out of their homes. The city lacks basic infrastructure such as traffic lights, and traffic rules are widely ignored, adding to the chaos.

Moreover, residents face severe shortages of essential services. Water supply is erratic, with some areas receiving water only once or twice a month. Frequent electricity cuts further disrupt daily life, making it difficult for people to carry out their routines and affecting businesses that rely on a stable power supply.

Political Division and Neglect

The political landscape in Dausa is heavily divided along caste lines, with elections often decided based on the candidate's caste rather than their policies on education, law and order, or healthcare. This focus on caste politics has led to neglect of the city's pressing issues, leaving residents without hope for improvement.

The Plight of Dausa Residents

The dire situation in Dausa has prompted many residents to reach out to us at The Philox. We have received numerous messages detailing their plight and the challenges they face daily. It is clear that the citizens are desperate for change and are calling for attention to their suffering.

If you are a resident of Dausa and wish to share your story, please contact us at Your voices deserve to be heard, and together we can shed light on the urgent need for reform in this troubled city.

Dausa’s residents are living in constant fear and uncertainty. The time for action is now, and it is crucial for authorities to address the law and order problems, corruption, and basic service deficiencies to restore peace and stability in the city.

Doctor's Plight in Dausa

In 2022, a tragic incident in Dausa, Rajasthan, saw a doctor die by suicide after being booked for the murder of a pregnant woman who didn’t survive her delivery procedure. This heartbreaking event led the state government to suspend two police officials, but the issue soon faded from the news. Unfortunately, assaults on doctors and healthcare workers in Dausa are common. There have been numerous reports of healthcare personnel facing violence from people who, after losing a loved one, blame the medical staff for inadequate care. This has created a dangerous environment for those dedicated to saving lives in the city.