Modi & Giorgia Meloni's Love Story at Peak after 2024 Elections

Meloni recently wished Modi on winning Lok Sabha Elections 2024 with heart emoji. Modi reacted by..............................


Aryan Sharma

6/5/20241 min read

Meet “Melodi.”

That’s the couple name given to Indian and Italian prime ministers Narendra Modi and Giorgia Meloni, whose apparent chemistry and rapport at the G20 summit over the weekend generated a flood of memes on Indian social media.

Across Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, users shared videos of Modi and Meloni interacting at the summit in India, which were edited to make the two nationalist leaders seem like a couple. Some have millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram.

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni and PM Narendra Modi broke the internet with their 'Melodi' selfie post during the COP 28 summit in Dubai. Sharing a selfie of their meeting on X (formerly Twitter), Meloni wrote, 'Good friends at COP28'. The Italian PM also added #Melodi to the post.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on winning his third straight Lok Sabha election in 2024. She expressed her confidence that they will work together to strengthen the friendship between Italy and India.

Meloni also mentioned that both countries will collaborate on various important issues for the benefit of their people.

In a lighthearted twist, social media has been buzzing with memes about their "love story," created by netizens for some comic relief.