NEET UG-2024 Controversy Explained | Paper Leaks and Suicides

The alleged irregularities, lack of transparency in awarding grace marks, and suspicious scoring patterns not only undermine the credibility of the exam but also add undue stress to the students. 11 Suicides till now .....


6/5/20243 min read

NEET UG-2024 Results Under Scrutiny Amid Controversy

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) UG-2024 results have sparked a significant controversy, with an unprecedented 67 students securing All India Rank (AIR) 1 with a perfect score of 720/720. This has raised questions and concerns among students, parents, and the National Testing Agency (NTA) itself.

Record Number of Top Scorers

For the first time in NEET history, 67 students have achieved a percentile score of 99.997129, all securing AIR 1. In contrast, only two students attained this rank in 2023. This unusual increase has led to widespread skepticism about the examination process.

Claims of Paper Leak and Irregularities

Shortly after the results were declared, numerous students alleged that the NEET UG-2024 paper was leaked. They have called for a re-examination, citing unfair practices and irregularities in the exam process. The sudden spike in perfect scores has only fueled these allegations.

Unjust Grace Marks and Methodology Concerns

Adding to the controversy, the NTA awarded grace marks to some students following a court order. However, many students argue that this decision was abrupt and unfair. They point out that the NTA has not disclosed any clear methodology for how these grace marks were calculated and distributed, leading to calls for greater transparency.

Suspicious Roll Number Patterns

Further complicating matters, it has been reported that six out of the eight top-ranking students with roll numbers starting with '2307010' are from the same exam center in a particular state. This unusual pattern has raised suspicions about the integrity of the examination process at that center.

Mathematical Impossibilities in Scoring

Reports have also surfaced of students scoring 718 and 719 marks, which seem mathematically improbable given the exam's scoring system. This anomaly has intensified the demand for a thorough investigation into the results.

Demand for Re-evaluation and Supreme Court Intervention

In response to these issues, lakhs of students are demanding a re-evaluation of the results. They are urging the Supreme Court to intervene and ensure a fair and transparent review of the examination process. The concerns over grace marks for lost exam time and other irregularities have amplified the calls for justice.

NTA's Challenge

The NTA now faces significant pressure to address these allegations and restore trust in the NEET examination process. As the controversy grows, the demand for clarity and accountability continues to increase.

Tragic Loss Highlights NEET Pressure

In a tragic turn of events, a day after the NEET-UG entrance exam results were announced, an 18-year-old aspirant from Madhya Pradesh's Rewa, Bagisha Tiwari, died by suicide in Rajasthan's Kota on Wednesday evening. This marks the 11th case of suspected student suicide in Kota this year, a city known for its intense exam preparation environment. Last year, 26 cases of alleged student suicides were reported in Kota.

Bagisha Tiwari, who was preparing for the NEET exam at a coaching institute in Kota, allegedly jumped from a building in the Jawahar Nagar area. She was living with her mother and brother, while her body has been taken to the mortuary of Maharao Bhim Singh (MBS) Hospital. The postmortem examination will be conducted once her father arrives in Kota. The exact reason behind her suicide remains unknown, but the police are conducting an investigation.

The Critical Importance of NEET and the Need for Accountability

The tragic loss of Bagisha Tiwari underscores the immense pressure and stakes associated with the NEET exam for students. The controversy surrounding the 2024 results highlights the urgent need for the NTA and the government to ensure a fair and transparent examination process. The alleged irregularities, lack of transparency in awarding grace marks, and suspicious scoring patterns not only undermine the credibility of the exam but also add undue stress to the students.

As students and their families demand re-evaluation and accountability, the NTA must take immediate and concrete steps to address these concerns. The integrity of the NEET examination process is crucial, not just for maintaining educational standards but also for safeguarding the mental health and futures of countless young aspirants across the country.