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NTA's Negligence Exposed: UGC NET and NEET-UG Exam Scandals

The resignation of Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and a thorough overhaul of the NTA's processes are necessary steps to restore faith in India's educational system.


Aashish Verma

6/20/20244 min read

NTA's Negligence Leads to Examination Chaos: Calls for Education Minister's Resignation

NTA's Incompetence Exposed

The National Testing Agency (NTA), responsible for conducting national-level examinations, has been under fire for its gross negligence and misconduct. Recent allegations have emerged that the UGC NET exam, a crucial test for aspiring college and university lecturers, was leaked and had to be canceled. This comes on the heels of the NEET-UG 2024 examination scandal, where the Supreme Court ordered a re-examination due to similar issues of paper leaks and irregularities.

A Pattern of Failure

The UGC NET exam is essential for determining the eligibility of candidates for Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship positions in Indian universities and colleges. The integrity of this exam is paramount, yet the NTA has failed to secure it, leading to widespread chaos and uncertainty among students. Reports indicate that mafias are selling the leaked UGC NET papers for as much as 3-4 lakh rupees in various cities across Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. While the authenticity of these papers cannot be verified, the mere existence of such reports has shattered the trust students had in the examination process.

NEET-UG 2024 Scandal

The NEET-UG 2024 exam, an entrance test for undergraduate medical courses, has also been mired in controversy. Allegations of paper leaks, arbitrary marking, and preferential treatment have led the Supreme Court to cancel the previous exam and order a fresh one. Students from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh pointed out discrepancies in scores, including statistically improbable perfect scores from a single coaching center. Over 13,000 students contested the provisional answer key released by the NTA, further highlighting the flaws in the examination process.

UGC-NET Examination Cancellation: A Crisis of Integrity and Accountability

The UGC-NET is a crucial exam for aspiring professors and researchers in India, assessing candidates' eligibility for lectureship and research fellowships. Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in a computer-based test mode on June 18, 2024, across 1205 exam centers in 317 cities, the exam's integrity was shockingly compromised. Just a day after the exam, the NTA decided to cancel it, citing serious concerns about its integrity.

This sudden cancellation has had far-reaching consequences, leaving students who had diligently prepared for this exam in a state of uncertainty and anxiety. Many aspirants had pinned their hopes on this opportunity, and the abrupt cancellation has left them devastated. Tragically, reports suggest that some students, unable to cope with the emotional distress, have taken their own lives.

The NTA's primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth conduct of exams while maintaining the highest standards of integrity. The leak of exam papers indicates a severe lapse in security protocols, raising critical questions about how sensitive information reached unauthorized hands. This negligence jeopardizes the future of thousands of students, and the NTA must be held accountable.

Immediate action is required from the Education Minister, who oversees the NTA. A thorough investigation into the leak is essential to identify those responsible. The NTA officials involved in this debacle should face serious consequences, including resignations if necessary, to restore trust and integrity in the examination process.

The Human Cost

The consequences of NTA's incompetence have been devastating. The stress and uncertainty caused by these scandals have reportedly driven some students to take their own lives. The pressure of preparing for highly competitive exams, combined with the betrayal of leaked papers and canceled results, is too much for many young minds to bear. This tragic loss of life is a direct result of the NTA's failure to conduct secure and fair examinations.

Calls for Accountability

The National Testing Agency's repeated failures demand accountability. Students and educators across the country are calling for the resignation of Dharmendra Pradhan, the Education Minister. Despite being responsible for overseeing the NTA, Pradhan has been criticized for his lack of response to these crises. His Twitter feed, filled with praises for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has earned him the nickname "PR Minister of Modi," further fueling the outrage.

Dharmendra Pradhan's Response

In response to the growing criticism, Dharmendra Pradhan recently tweeted:

"Central govt. is committed to protect the interests of NEET examinees. I want to assure the students that all their concerns will be addressed with fairness and equity. No student will be at a disadvantage and no child’s career will be at jeopardy.

Facts related to NEET examination are in cognisance of Hon’ble Supreme Court. Central govt. will take all necessary actions for the well-being of students as per the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Counselling process of NEET will be underway soon and it is of utmost importance to move ahead in this direction without any confusion."

While his assurances are noted, they come too late for many students who have already suffered due to the NTA's gross negligence.

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Demands for Change

The need for immediate and effective reforms within the NTA is undeniable. Ensuring the integrity of national-level exams is critical for maintaining the trust of millions of students and educators. The current leadership has proven inadequate in safeguarding this trust, and new, competent leadership is urgently needed.


The NTA's repeated failures in conducting secure and fair examinations have caused immense harm to students across the country. The tragic loss of life, coupled with the widespread distrust in the examination process, highlights the urgent need for accountability and reform. The resignation of Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and a thorough overhaul of the NTA's processes are necessary steps to restore faith in India's educational system.