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Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actress and newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) from Mandi constituency in Himachal Pradesh, is no stranger to controversy. kangana ranaut funny....


Aryan Sharma

6/7/20243 min read

Why Kangana Ranaut Deserves a Slap: A Closer Look

Kangana Ranaut getting slapped at the airport by a CISF constable? Now that's what you call instant karma! That constable, Kulwinder Kaur, deserves a medal for doing what so many have probably dreamed of. Maybe next time, she should hit harder—just to make sure the message really sinks in.

Let’s face it, Bollywood must be having a field day with this one. Especially Hrithik Roshan, her ex. He’s probably popping popcorn, rewatching the slap in slow motion, and thinking, “Finally, some justice!” The entire industry, usually quiet, is now likely having a silent party, enjoying Kangana’s misfortune from the sidelines.

Even BJP politicians and MPs are likely chuckling behind closed doors. They might publicly support her, but you can bet they’re secretly enjoying the show. It’s like when the class troublemaker finally gets sent to the principal’s office—everyone's secretly thrilled.

Why does she deserve a slap, you ask? Let’s count the ways. Kangana’s mouth is like a runaway train of controversy. She’s made a career out of stirring the pot with her wild, offensive comments about Muslims, her bizarre historical claims, and her over-the-top support for Modi. It’s like she’s on a mission to offend everyone and anyone.

A History of Controversy

Kangana Ranaut, a Bollywood actress and newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) from Mandi constituency in Himachal Pradesh, is no stranger to controversy. Her recent outburst against the film industry following an alleged incident at Chandigarh airport is just one of many instances where she has courted public and media attention through her provocative statements and actions.

The 'Slapgate' Incident

On Thursday, Ranaut claimed that a woman CISF constable, Kulwinder Kaur, hit her in the face at Chandigarh airport. Instead of receiving support from her Bollywood peers, Ranaut found herself isolated, leading her to criticize the industry's silence. In a now-deleted Instagram post, she expressed her disappointment and suggested that the film industry would expect her support in hypothetical future scenarios but failed to stand by her in her time of need.

Communal Remarks and Hate Speech

Ranaut's political journey has been marred by communal remarks and divisive rhetoric. To win her seat in Mandi, she often spewed venomous comments targeting religious communities. She has repeatedly made statements that demonize Muslims, calling them terrorists and stoking communal tensions.

Comparing Modi to Lord Ram

In her bid to curry favor with the ruling party, Ranaut has gone as far as comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Lord Ram, a revered deity in Hinduism. Such comparisons not only denigrate the sanctity of religious beliefs but also trivialize the deep cultural significance associated with these figures.

Questionable Statements on India's Independence

Ranaut has made numerous questionable statements, including the ludicrous claim that India gained true independence only after Narendra Modi was elected Prime Minister. This statement not only disrespects the sacrifices of countless freedom fighters but also undermines the historical struggle for independence from British colonial rule.

Remember when she said India only got independence after Modi got elected? Yeah, that alone deserves a facepalm so hard it leaves a mark. Or when she compared Modi to Lord Ram? Lord Ram probably did a facepalm himself

Support for Controversial Policies

Ranaut's unabashed support for Modi and his policies, which many critics argue are divisive and harmful to India's social fabric, appears to be driven by personal political gain. Her vocal support for these policies, often at the expense of national unity and harmony, has earned her criticism from various quarters.

Kangana’s airport slap is the talk of the town for a reason. Whether it’s her ex, Bollywood celebs, or even her political allies, everyone seems to be secretly (or not so secretly) enjoying the spectacle. Maybe next time, CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur will hit her a little harder. After all, Kangana’s antics have earned her more than just a slap—they’ve earned her a place in the Hall of Fame for the Most Deserved Smackdown!